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An ongoing digital repository of unbuilt ideas.

We start with celebrating the buildings that weren’t – and ideas that continue to be.

Indian architects report that a significant percentage of their work remains unbuilt – whether as concepts that didn’t make the cut at competitions, as proposals which got tied up in red tape, or as projects that were abandoned by stakeholders. While we measure the worth of a building by the visual, tactile and spatial experience it offers, the fact remains that unrealized ideas are just as crucial as built structures – for discourse, design and development.

Unbuilt seeks to celebrate these ideas.

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Prem Chandavarkar

CnT Architects

Prem Chandavarkar is the managing partner of CnT Architects: an award-winning and widely published architectural practice based in Bangalore, India.

Suprio Bhattacharjee


Suprio is an Architect, Writer/Critic and Pedagogue. He is the Studio Director of Chennai-based interdisciplinary practice architectureRED since late-2018.

Amritha Ballal


Amritha Ballal is an architect and urban planner, and a founding partner at Space Matters, a multidisciplinary, Delhi based design studio.

Anupam Bansal

ABRD Architects

Anupam Bansal (b. 1969) is an architect, urbanist and academician who co-founded ABRD Architects along with his fellow classmate Rajesh Dongre.

Anupriya Saraswat

Epistle Communications

An architectural journalist and communications professional, who is currently working as an Editorial Strategist.

Himanshu Burte

Architect and Urbanist

Himanshu Burte, an architect and urbanist, is Assistant Professor at the School of Habitat Studies, TISS, Mumbai.

Rahoul B. Singh is a New Delhi based architect, writer and curator. He is deeply interested in and committed to the quality of the built environment.

Rupali Gupte

Associate Professor at SEA, Mumbai

Rupali Gupte is an architect and urbanist based in Mumbai. She is an Associate Professor at the School of Environment and Architecture (SEA).

Ruturaj Parikh

Studio Matter

Ruturaj Parikh is Architect & Partner at Matter. an architecture, design and content firm he established with Maanasi Hattangadi.

Sanjay Prakash

SHiFt Studios

Sanjay Prakash is an architect with a commitment to energy-conscious architecture, people’s participation in planning, music and production design.


Featured Firms

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Celebrating the buildings that weren't, and ideas that continue to be.