Anti Practice: The Realm of the What-Could-Have-Been (and what can still be, elsewhere) – Suprio Bhattacharjee

In many ways, a project remains unbuilt because most of the time it has challenged the normative, the status quo, the acceptability of ‘populist taste’. This is what a reading of history tells us – and why this is important as it inspires future generations of architects to be edgy and provocative.

What could have been, What can be – Amritha Ballal, SpaceMatters

How the realm of the Architectural Unbuilt can shape the way we build. What is built cannot be easily unbuilt. An increasingly entrenched tendering based ‘design procurement’ process for most public projects usually demand high turnovers for prequalification and eventually often reward the lowest bidder. This reinforces the status quo while leaving little room for […]

Why Should We Examine Unbuilt Architecture? – Foreword by Prem Chandavarkar

If we view unbuilt architecture as a photograph of the inner turn of the architect, what is revealed in this photograph will demonstrate whether architecture is captured by an ideology of arrogance or an ideology of humility. Prem Chandavarkar  If we are to do justice to this collection of unbuilt architecture, we must critically examine […]

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