The project SEVEN is a lavish residential high-rise with commercial show rooms on ground and first floor areas. The site is located in a newly developing city area. As the site is having corner placement in its context with internal roads on three sides, the architect has planned the building in such way that it can get benefits of natural light and air from majority of its sides. The ground floor and first floor is composed of commercial space while the upper floors are where residential starts. “

The aim for designing residential flats was to define a combination of space that respond to varying levels of privacy – including four bedrooms, a lavish home theater, a semi-private family lounge and landscape areas.

These internal relationships come through in the arrangement of spaces; the south edge hold stairways, lifts, service areas and living area with landscape garden on each floor. Home theater, kitchen and dining area occupy the core area. All the bedrooms are provided in north edge of the building which allows decent northern sun light to enter in all bedrooms.

The 12th floor is having game zone and banquet hall and at the top level has terrace garden and swimming pool as common amenities.


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